“VetOmega, simply stated, is an excellent high quality pharmaceutical grade product, and one that is now easily available for veterinarians to recommend and prescribe. It is comforting and refreshing to have an option that is reliable, as opposed to the unknowns that come with over the counter options! Omega 3 Fatty Acid supplementation has great value in preventative and therapeutic value in preventative and therapeutic treatment plans for a number of conditions, and we regularly use and recommend it for our patients.†– Brian Speer, DVM, Diplomate, ABVP (avian practice), Diplomate, ECZM (avian), Medical Center for Birds, Oakley, CA


“Because VetOmega is a vegetarian source of omega 3 fatty acids that is pharmaceutical grade, I feel comfortable using it in picky eaters who are not getting a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids in their diet.  I use VetOmega in my avian and small herbivore patients with chronic arthritis and skin issues, but I have also used it as an adjunct therapy for the management of other inflammatory diseases.  Since it is a vegetarian supplement, I know that it is more environmentally friendly than using marine products for an omega 3 fatty supplementation in my patients.â€- Nicole R. Wyre, DVM, DABVP (Avian), DABVP (Exotic Companion Mammals), Zodiac Pet & Exotic Hospital, Tin Hau, Hong Kong


In over 35 years of avian practice, I have never seen a product that enhances the overall health, skin, and feather quality of my avian patients as well as Vetomega.  Vetomega is an integral component of our avian wellness program.  A high quality product designed exclusively for avian veterinarians.”- Bob Dahlhausen DVM, MS, Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics, Inc, Milford, OH.


“We strive to give the best of care to all our resident birds at World Bird Sanctuary. VetOmega will always be a part of our daily food preparation routine. With over 230 birds to feed every day, efficiency is key, and VetOmega makes it easy. It is clear that our avian ambassadors live a healthier and enhanced life due to this supplement in their diets.â€- Dawn M. Griffard, Executive Director, World Bird Sanctuary, Valley Park, MO 


“We have been using VetOmega in all of our captive psittacines for the past year as part of our preventative health program. We maintain flocks of sun conures and canary-winged parakeets as part of a walk-through aviary feeding experience. These flocks are only a few years old and providing VetOmega daily in addition to a nutritious diet will help keep these birds healthy for decades to come. Given the long list of health benefits including promoting both cardiovascular and joint health, we also provide VetOmega daily to our middle-aged and older psittacines. All of our captive psittacines have benefitted from the addition of VetOmega to their diets – we expect to continue to see additional benefits with long term use.â€- Michele Goodman, VMD, Director of Veterinary Services, Elmwood Park Zoo, Norristown, PA


“Our veterinarians and technicians regularly recommend VetOmega for our Avian patients.  It is the best omega fatty acid for birds because it is a natural, vegetarian product which is compatible with their diet.  Thank you for taking over the manufacturing of this product!†– Lisa Walters, CVT, Windcrest Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, Cats, Dogs, Avian and Exotics Center, Wilmington, Delaware

A letter v with an orange background
Elmwood Park Zoo Sun Conures and VetOmega supplement in the food


“I have been using Vet Omega for about 3 years  with a variety of pet birds and avian patients. It is a natural anti-inflammatory due to the excellent combination of plant oils   I have ever seen this combination in any other oil product designed for medicinal use.   In my experience it is has been a wonderful addition for birds who have discomfort due to issues such as arthritis, old injuries, or age. Vet Omega has a pleasant flavor, is not too thick, and is well accepted by the birds.    I purchase it in the small bottles which come with an easy to use dropper top.  These oils must be kept refrigerated and must not be shaken, and the small bottles work well in that regard.  I keep the other bottles in any given order in the freezer and take out the next one as needed. I appreciate the effort made by Dr. Echols to locate, design and make available this helpful product, and then to break it in to smaller quantities so it can be shipped to use in this manner.†–  Louisa Jaskulski, RVT


“We have been using VetOmega from Dr Echols for well over 10 years for all of our psittacines; we use it as a daily supplement and have seen great results thru feathering and overall health.  Prior to using VetOmega we were not using any supplements, so this was a great way to introduce our birds to a better balanced diet.  It is simple to use and the birds love it, we will continue to use this product with any birds we acquire and would recommend it to any owner or facility with a psittacine collection.â€John McCormick, Animal show manager, Universal studios Animal Actors show, Hollywood


“I feel confident prescribing VetOmega to my patients because I can trust that it is a shelf stable product containing the products it is supposed to contain.  I find that it is generally well tolerated by my patients and those with responsive conditions do very well on it.  I appreciate having a product to prescribe rather than relying on OTC nutraceuticals from health stores or online.â€- Leila Marcucci DVM, Dip ABVP (Avian), Bay Area Bird Hospital, Inc., San Francisco, California


“We have been prescribing VetOmega to our patients for the past 6 years and have been very happy with the results. Given how poorly regulated the nutraceutical industry is, it is a comfort to know we are prescribing a pharmaceutical grade product for our patients; this lets us know we are prescribing a product that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. I use VetOmega for a variety of conditions in birds: skin/feather problems, kidney disease, atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries), liver disease and arthritis. Most birds take it readily on a food treat or from a syringe. I have definitely seen improvements in patients on this supplement; for example, one of my cockatiel patients had a severe elevation in his plasma triglycerides (fat in his blood) that resolved with VetOmega therapy. My own cockatoo takes this supplement daily for his arthritis pain. I highly recommend VetOmega!†Anna Osofsky, DVM, DIpl. ABVP, Avian Practice, Carrollton West Pet Hospital, Carrollton, Texas


“VetOmega is the only source of Omega 3:6 fatty acids I use for Small Mammal Exotics and Avian species. The quality of this specific brand far outpaces other commercial products. The benefits for daily use are countless.â€Dr. Gregory Rich, Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital of Louisiana


I finally found a product I can be confident about its content. I use this as a source of omega-3 for my parrots. Every parrot has done very well and enjoys getting their VetOmega each day.“- Shauna Roberts, IAABC-Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant, Professional member ABMA and IAATE, Member AAV, Retired AHT


“I use VetOmega regularly in my patients.   It is used both as a vehicle to which other medications are added and as a stand-alone supplement.  I find it to be particularly useful in birds with liver disease, kidney disease, and those suspected of having atherosclerosis.  It is a quality product which I feel confident is what the manufacturer says it is-the highest quality flaxseed oil.† Douglas W Folland, DVM, DABVP-avian specialty, Parrish Creek Veterinary Clinic, Centerville, Utah


Skipper is my 40-year-old cockatoo who was being given VetOmega to help treat his renal disease; and, for many years, his labwork was favorable.  During our relocation, we were without VetOmega and his labwork became unfavorable.  After being referred to Dr. Echols, he immediately sent a supply of VetOmega to again help manage Skipper’s treatment.  Along with improved labwork, Skipper’s feathers are more beautiful, his skin is smooth and the swelling in his foot has subsided. Thank you, Dr. Echols, and your courteous and efficient associates for taking time to care, answering all my questions and helping us get back on track.“- C.E. Wideen

A letter v with an orange background
Skipper Wideen, Vet Omega patient


“All birds need the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) present in VetOmega. These fatty acids not only provide the birds with the nutrients they require for skin and feather health, they support the immune system and all bodily functions. This is a natural product, and for birds that are mainly vegetarian, it supplies the bird with the perfect balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9 EFA’s.  Birds that are challenged with feather or skin issues will benefit greatly from this supplement.  Those that are fighting illness or have come from conditions of neglect achieve significant improvement in their health status due to the supplementation VetOmega provides. My avian veterinarian recommended that I give this supplement to all my birds, the ill ones in particular, for its therapeutic value.  I have in the last 15 years rescued dozens of neglected and abandoned cockatiels. Some have been in terrible condition. These birds always remain with me as I do not rehome them; consequently, I can track their progress over the years. I have seen tattered feathers replaced by healthy ones and skin take on the glow that only the correct balance of oils can offer. I’ve seen bird’s energy levels increase after several months on VetOmega.  All of these birds, healthy or not, have benefitted from the unique nutritional enrichment contained in VetOmega.” -  Jeannine Miesle, M.A., M. Ed


“I wanted to reiterate my thanks for the VetOmega.  Between some very smart care from amazing veterinarian Leanne J., and the availability of specialty nutritional support, my pet is out on the porch screaming happily and playing on his swing instead of being in a ziplock in the freezer.  I used your VetOmega in conjunction with Emeraid to as part of emergency nutrition after his G.I. bleed when he couldn’t walk or perch well. All he would eat from his normally balanced diet was his millet as a comfort food. So I added VetOmega to Emeraid powder and cooked tiny cakes, after reading that the brief temperature needed to cook the cake (10 seconds in microwave) wouldn’t damage all the beneficial fats.  Being able to confidently deliver the omega-3s as part of a medical diet was hugely important to me because it reduced the number of variables. I knew exactly what the nutritional components were, so I could stop worrying about it… As opposed to offering a tiny scoop of flaxseed and hoping.” - Connie Woodman


“Thought you would like to see pictures of my hamster, Greystoke, eagerly taking his Cardiac Formula (VetOmega is the base). Greystoke is 20 months old. He loves it!!!!!” – Cathy Johnson-Delaney, DVM, Mukilteo, Washington State

A letter v with an orange background

A letter v with an orange background

A letter v with an orange background
Greystoke, Hamster

“I have a 42-yr old Amazon parrot. Fanny Mae was one of about 50 birds in a cage when I went to buy a bird, all the same breed. She was the only one who got on the stick they put inside the cage. And when she came out, they put her on the floor in front of me. We both looked at each other and stared.  She had been severely picked over by the other birds, no butt or neck feathers. We just looked at each other, and I said, “Yep, that’s the one.” She never bit. Took her home and have had her all these years, a very special companion. Later in life, my vet had recommended Vet Omega, and I use it religiously.  She is alert, bright eyed, and active.  I really think it helps with the heart, mobility, and age-related health.  Definitely worth the price, and I will continue to use it!  A miracle product for an older bird.”Nancy Hall

“I am the owner of a 20-year-old Eclectus Parrot “Selkie” who has been taking Vetomega the past several years at the recommendation of our vet. Selkie’s cholesterol was always high despite proper diet. I can see a difference Vetomega has made because his bloodwork is coming back with the cholesterol in normal range.  I administer the supplement on food each morning and he readily accepts it unlike medications that I must have flavored to his liking so he must like the taste.  The product always ships out in a timely manner. Our point of contact Jennifer Madrigal has impeccable people skills and is always able to help with any questions I may have. I highly recommend using Vetomega.” Michelle Price

A letter v with an orange background
Selkie, Eclectus Parrot


“VetOmega has been life changing for our 47-year-old Yellow Naped Amazon parrot. She spent over 30 years trapped in a small cage with no room to move or fly. She has spondylosis and arthritis due to this. Fast forward almost 2 years later and she’s a climbing fool! She loves to climb and play now. VetOmega made that happen. Our little girl will have such a better life, with less pain and inflammation, all due to VetOmega. Thank you!!!”Renee

A letter v with an orange background
Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot
“This is the story of a beautiful black mini rex rabbit friend named Bontel. Bontel (formerly named Bun-Bun) was found wandering the streets of NE Ohio and given a home by a very kind lady named Beth. He was later re-homed to us and was always healthy until an accidental insidious exposure to black mold in a rental apartment was discovered. As a result, he experienced significant chronic respiratory issues for many years. Fortunately, a veterinarian in upstate South Carolina introduced us to VetOmega which effected a profound improvement in his condition. It was life changing and he LOVED it !!!! He would always take his VetOmega willingly from the syringe, even trying to eat the syringe to get more out of it! Not only did the VetOmega improve his breathing, but it also gave him a very lush and velvety coat. We were blessed to enjoy each other’s company for another 4 years after starting the VetOmega and most grateful for this product!  When Bontel left for the rainbow bridge on January 28, 2022, he displayed a very tranquil, natural passing. He was 11 plus years old.” – Nancy Sebastian
A letter v with an orange background
A letter v with an orange background
Bontel, Mini Rex


“I purchased VetOmega for my bunny Oscar for joint support as he was a senior bunny and was getting arthritis in his spine, it helped him tremendously in mobility, made his fur coat extra shiny too. Oscar liked it as well, terrific product. Oscar has since gone to heaven at the age of almost 9 wonderful years.”Linda Mohoric

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