A letter v with an orange backgroundVetOmega®  is the highest quality omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acid supplement available and is used primarily for herbivorous and omnivorous animals.  As a proprietary plant-based fatty acid blend, VetOmega® is considered a ‘high omega-3 supplement’ due to its 3:1 omega-3:omega-6 ratio.

As a part of it’s high standards, VetOmega® is routinely tested and verified for proper ingredients, ingredient ratios, and lack of contaminants and toxins by a third party laboratory testing company.

Clinical veterinary uses of VetOmega® include supporting acute and chronic disease processes including the following:

  • Heart and vascular health- supplemental omega-3’s have been shown to reduce risk of atherosclerosis and decrease arrythmias in several animal models.
  • Bone health- supplemental omega3’s have been shown to improve bone mineral density, especially when combined with exercise.
  • Joint health- supplemental omega-3’s have been studied to help slow joint degradation and/or be used as adjunctive therapy for arthritis.
  • Cancer- supplemental omega-3’s have been shown to either reduce incidence of, or slow progression of selected cancers in chickens, rats, and more.
  • Kidney health- supplemental omega-3’s have been a cornerstone therapy in managing kidney diseases in multiple species.
  • Obesity- supplemental omega-3’s have been shown to reduce harmful fat deposition in overweight animals.

VetOmega® may be used with nutraceutical products to formulate specific mixes to support cardiac, liver, skin, kidney, bone, joint and immune function.  More information about nutraceutical mixtures can be obtained by contacting us directly or working with your veterinarian..